Self-Supporting Butterfly GJYXFCH FTTH Flat Drop Single Mode Fiber Optic Cable

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Indoor/outdoor Optical Fiber Cable Flat Type Butterfly 1 Core G657A LSZH FTTH Drop Cable.The cable is completed with a white or black LSZH sheath.Two parallel steel wire/FRP strength members ensure good performance of crush resistance to protect fiber.Our main products include Fiber Optic Patch Cord, Fiber Optic Pigtail, Fiber Optic Splitter, Fiber Optic Cable, FTTH Box, Fiber Optic Accessories, FTTH Tool, etc.

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The self-supporting access network uses a butterfly-shaped indoor optical cable to be equipped with a parallel non-metallic fiberglass reinforce with plastic (FRP) on both sides of the core, and another equipped with a wire reinforce strength member, and the outer layer is made of a layer of black or colored low-smoke zero halogen material (LSZH) covers the reinforcement.

Self-supporting butterfly indoor cable
Reinforced steel wire, no rust, high strength
Easy to peel and easy to connect

Single core cable (2)

Single core cable (2)


Single core cable (2)

Single core cable (2)

1.It is widely used in data room, telecommunication engineering and other complex scenes

2.High quality rubber coat, with good flame retardant anti-corrosion effect, high strength, aging resistance, easy to peel, long service life, good bending performance

3.Adopt hengtong and changfei G657A2 bending resistant fiber.The bending radius is only 7.5mm(the G652D fiber commonly used by online merchants has a large bending loss and is prone to poor product signal, so it is not suitable for FTTH wiring).The cost of bending resistance is about twice that of ordinary optical fibers.Changfei, fiberhome, tongding and other big brands are also using G657A fiber.

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  • 1.Unique groove design for stripping cables without tools
    2.The fiber is placed between the two reinforcements strength member for excellent side pressure and tensile properties.
    3.Simple structure, light weight and practicality
    4.Low-smoke zero halogen flame retardant polyolefin (LSZH), excellent flame retardant performance (when not required flame retardant, the sheath material could be PVC)
    5.Reinforcement parts can be single steel wire, FRP, KFRP

    Structural parameters

    Cable Code Fibre Count Cable Size(mm) Cable Weight(Ref)
    Tensile Strength

    Long/Short term


    Crush Resistance

    Long/Short term


    Bending Radius Dynamic/Static


    GJXFH-1Xn 1 (2.1±0.1)×(5.1±0.2) 20 300/600 1000/2200 15/30
    GJYXFCH-2Xn 2 (2.1±0.1)×(5.1±0.2) 20 300/600 1000/2200 15/30
    GJYXFCJH-1Xn 1 (2.0±0.1)×(5.6±0.2) 21 300/600 1000/2200 15/30
    GJYXFCDH4Xn 4(Ribbon) (2.0±0.2)×(6.0±0.2) 22 300/600 1000/2200 15/80


    Optical properties

    Fiber Type  Attenuation (OFL) Effective mode bandwidth 10G Ethernet link length SX Minimum bending radius
    Condition 1310/1550nm 850/1300nm 850/1300nm 850nm 850nm /
    Typical value Max Typical value Max
    Unit dB/km dB/km dB/km dB/km m mm
    G657A1 0.36/0.22 0.5/0.4 10
    G657A2 0.36/0.22 0.5/0.4 7.5
    OM3 3.0/1.0 3.5/1.5 ≥1500/500 ≥2000 ≤300 30
    OM4 3.0/1.0 3.5/1.5 ≥3500/500 ≥4700 ≤550 30

    Transport/Storage/Operating Temperature:-20℃-+60℃,

    Installation Temperature:-5 ℃ -+50℃

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