How to prevent cable fire ?

Cables are very prone to heat and overload. So how to prevent cables from catching fire due to overload?

There are the ways to prevent cables from catching fire due to overload.

1. Ensure the quality, especially the production quality of the cable head must comply with the specified requirements strictly.

2. Carry out cable test regularly, and deal with it immediately if any problem is found.

3. Install the fire alarm device to detect the fire immediately to avoid the cable fire.

4. The cable trench should be kept dry to prevent the cable from being damp, causing the insulation to drop and short circuit.

5. Enhance cable operation monitoring to avoid cable overload operation.

6. Clean the dust accumulated on the cable occasionally to prevent spontaneous combustion of the accumulated dust and cause the cable to catch fire.

7. Enhance the regular verification and maintenance of the cable loop switch and protection to ensure reliable operation.

8. When laying cables, keep a sufficient distance from the heat pipe. Control cables and power cables should be slotted, layered and arranged separately. For the parts that do not meet the delimitation, the cable shall be flame-retardant and heat-insulated.

9. Equipped with necessary fire fighting equipment and facilities. Common fire extinguishing equipment can be used to put out the fire of overhead cables. It is suitable to install automatic and remote control fire extinguishing devices in cable interlayers, shafts, trenches and tunnels.

10.Take fire prevention measures.

Post time: Aug-17-2020