Fire retardant measures for cables

Once the cables catch fire, the consequences are unimaginable.The following is the cable fire retardant measures.

1.Brush the surface of the cable with fire retardant coating.

2. Wrap the parts of the cable that need to be fireproof with the fireproof wrapping belt.

3. Pass the cable through the wall, the bottom of the plate, and the hole of the shaft tightly with refractory material to avoid the spread and spread of high-temperature smoke when the cable is on fire and cause the fire area to expand.

4. Heat-resistant fire insulation boards shall be set between the cable layers, and segmented partition walls and fire doors shall be set to prevent inter-layer fire and expansion of fire.

5. Wrap the cable with adiabatic fire-resistant material. In case of fire around the cable, the wrapped cable will be separated from the fire by adiabatic fire-resistant material to avoid being burned out.

If the cable catches fire by itself, the lack of oxygen in the bandage can make the fire self-extinguish and prevent the fire from spreading outside the bandage.

Post time: Aug-18-2020