Causes of cable fire

Cables are used in the construction process.However,once the cable catch fire, it will cause a power outage.It also will cause a fire accident in serious cases. What’s more, the cables will produce a lot of thick smoke and poisonous gas during the burning process, which not only pollutes the environment, but also endangers our lives.

The main cause of cable fire is the quality of the cable and external reasons.

The following is the question of wire quality

1.The quality of the cable is too poor, and the ports and intermediate connectors are not manufactured well.

2. Constant running causes insulation to wear out and short-circuit,then catch fire.

3. For long-term overload operation, the safety device cannot cut off the short-circuit current of the load in time, then result in overheating of the insulation,short-circuit and fire.

4. The cable is damaged mechanically by external forces and causes fire.

5. The oil-filled cable leaks and causes a fire.

The following external causes of cable fire.

1. During construction, the slag ignites the cable when the metal is cut by electric welding.

2.Other electrical failure caused by fire.

3. The fire prevention measures in the cable tunnel are improper, and the power cable is immersed in water to induce fire.

4. Rodent damage may also cause cable fire.

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Post time: Aug-15-2020