Cable Research Report

“2012 China Power Cable Industry In-Depth Research Report” is the most professional and comprehensive in-depth market research report in the power cable field. The report first introduces the background knowledge of power cables, including related concepts, classifications, applications, industrial chain structure, industry overviews, international market dynamics analysis, domestic market dynamics analysis, macroeconomic environment analysis and economic situation on the power cable industry Impact, power cable industry national policy and planning analysis, power cable product technical parameters, production process technology, product cost structure, etc.; then statistics of China’s major power cable production capacity output cost price profit output value profit margins and other detailed data, and domestic statistics 32 enterprise power cable product customers apply information such as capacity market status, enterprise contact information, and then summarize and analyze the relevant data of these enterprises to obtain China’s power cable capacity market share, output market share, supply demand, supply demand, and import Statistics on export, consumption, and other data, while introducing China’s power cable production capacity, output, selling price, cost, profit, profit margin, etc. from 2009 to 2013, and finally using a case model to analyze power cable new project opportunity risk analysis and investment feasibility analysis. Overall, this is an in-depth report dedicated to China’s power cable industry.

Market space

The sustained and rapid growth of China’s economy has provided huge market space for cable products. The strong temptation of the Chinese market has made the world focus on the Chinese market. In just a few decades of reform and opening up, China’s cable manufacturing industry The huge production capacity formed has made the world look at it with admiration.

In November 2008, in response to the global financial crisis, my country’s government decided to invest 4 trillion yuan to stimulate domestic demand, of which more than 40% was used for the construction and transformation of urban and rural power grids. The national wire and cable industry has a good market opportunity again. Wire and cable companies in various places seize the opportunity to welcome a new round of urban and rural power grid construction and transformation.

The wire and cable industry is the second largest industry in China after the automobile industry, with a product variety satisfaction rate and a domestic market share of over 90%. Worldwide, China’s total wire and cable output value has surpassed the United States, becoming the world’s largest wire and cable producer. With the rapid development of China’s wire and cable industry, the number of new companies has continued to rise, and the overall technical level of the industry has been greatly improved.

power cable

power cable

The huge production capacity formed by China’s wire and cable manufacturing industry has left the world in awe. With the continuous expansion of China’s power industry, data communication industry, urban rail transit industry, automobile industry, shipbuilding and other industries, the demand for wires and cables will also grow rapidly, and the wire and cable industry has huge development potential in the future.

Post time: Dec-23-2020